Top Best Ways of Wearing kids fashion scarves

Top Best Ways of Wearing kids fashion scarves

When it comes kids fashion scarves, you should always treat them as part of the accessory. However, there are a number of factors must be taken into account for the kid to look cute and smart. You may have the best quality materials for the scarf and the best colors but fail to get the best look if the scarf has not been worn correctly. There are various ways that kids fashion scarves can be worn, but it depends on a number of factors including weather and occasion.

But how many ways of kids fashion scarves wear do you know? Well, there are numerous ways that kids can wear their fashion scarves and look cool. Here are some best that you can help your kid look cute and smart in scarves:

Making knot

Making a knot is one of the simplest and most versatile ways of tying your fashion scarf around the neck. There are also various types of knots that you can make depending on the size of the scarf. The French knot is one of the most popular. What you need to make a French knot is just a slightly long scarf and fold it twice to form a loop. Put the loop around the kids’ neck and take one loose end of the scarf and pull it over the loop. Take the second loop and go under and over the same loop. You can also make a knotted necklace which is quite simple.

Pulled Through

This is another simple way of wearing kids fashion scarves, especially during the warm season or for casual wear. With pull-through design, you only need to make a loop, put it around the neck and take both loose ends of the scarf and pull it over the loop. You can then tighten the kid’s comfort level.

The Necklace

This is a simple way to wear scarves. What you need is to hold the diagonal ends of the kids fashion scarves and knot them together. Then put the neck in the loop over your neck and then twist it and loop again. It will produce a perfect necklace. It’s perfect for the warm season.

Knotted Shawl

The knotted shawl is a classic way of wearing scarves for hot weather. However, it is a very simple design to make and give your kid a cute and smart look for casual wear. Put the scarf around the shoulders just like a shawl and make a half knot in the back with the ends. Pull the fabric down to cover the knot, and the kid is good to go.

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Characteristics of a Good Toddler Boys Scarves

Characteristics of a Good Toddler Boys Scarves

What makes good toddler boys scarves? Well, that is a question that would require a number of approaches to answer. That is because there are various things that one must take into consideration. That includes the choice and preference of the kid. However, if you are buying a scarf for a toddler boy, there are few things that you must get right to ensure that you’ve gotten something for yourself. Here are some of the key characteristics of a good toddler boys scarves.

Good quality material

The first thing to check is the quality of the material used for the making of the scarf. There are numerous types of materials used in the industry, some good of sound quality while others of lesser quality. However, you need to choose from the many options to get the best in the market. Among the materials known to have the best quality includes silk, wool, acrylic, acrylic, polyester, rayon, and chiffon. However, these are not the only materials that you can pick, but there are many out there. Do your research about your market, and you might even get better quality.

The Scarf pattern

When it comes to the type of pattern, numerous options come up for you to pick from. The most popular patterns in the market include embroidery, knitted, worn, crochet, and print and so on. However, each of the patterns is best suited for specific conditions. Therefore, it all goes down to what the scarf is meant for. If you are buying toddler boys scarves for cold weather, then you need to consider woven patterns since they a little bit warm compared to the rest. But if it only for fashion or looking cool, then crochet or knitted scarf would be a great alternative.


When it comes to comfort of the kid, there are a few things that you must take into consideration. The most critical thing to ensure that you have gotten the best scarf for your boy is the size. If the scarf is too large, then it might make the kid uncomfortable. Same for small scarf. The key parameters that you must take into account is the length and width of the scarf. Make sure that you have something that your kid will be comfortable wearing.

So if you are going to the market for toddler boys scarves for the first time, these are important guidelines that you should follow. With these three guidelines, you will have the best scarf for your baby boy.

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