Tips for buying and wearing a toddler scarf

Tips for buying and wearing a toddler scarf

Men’s basic scarves are approximately 10 inches wide and 70 inches long. However, a toddler scarf is relatively small. Most scarves available in the market are made of silk, cotton, and wool. Although they look simple, getting a scarf that’s ideal for your child can be sometimes tricky and challenging. This guide will help you navigate through various tips that will ensure the scarf you are buying offers complete cold prevention as well as in overall fashion outfit.

The first thing you should note is that scarves are diverse as they are designed for different ages and gender. Some of the common scarves in the market include headscarves, bandana scarves, skinny scarves, square curves. They are meant for different occasions and come in different densities. Here are the some of the things you have to consider before choosing a toddler scarf:

  • Length and width of the scarf

The length and width of the toddler scarves should be small compared to the other ones. You should ensure the length is not too long but enough to tie the neck region properly.

  • Material

Scarves are made from different materials; some include cashmere, cotton, silk, linen and sometimes a combination of them. When looking one for your kid, ensure that it is not very thick and easy to tie them fit. For winter scarves, cashmere or wool will be of great choice as they have a soft surface and napped fabrics. For hot weather protection, you will never go wrong with lightweight cotton and linen material.

  • Gender

Most of the scarves are meant for a woman, which means a man might end up buying a scarf with the feminine look without being aware. When you come across a scarf with bright colors, animal print, salsa picante and similar designs, know that they are for a woman. Moreover, a women scarf usually come with pins and sometimes comes with excessive fringes.

The basic rules of wearing a scarf are that you should keep it simple and a bit loose. Simplicity normally meets elegance and will increase your confidence level. You should also note that the function you are attending should come in mind first before settling for the fashion aspect. Official meetings require a person to wear formal wear, and you should avoid scarves with bright and many colors. For a cold environment, thick scarf with dull colors will be of great importance.


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